Top Travel Destinations that Allow Cannabis Use


Marijuana has always been a major debate topic for politicians and people alike. There are many countries that have already legalized marijuana for many reasons while others are still holding out. This is a compilation of the top nine marijuana-friendly destinations. It is arranged from the ninth place to the number one.

9.Kingston, Jamaica. It may be shocking that Jamaica is solo on this list since it did give up Bob Marley and the Rastafari acts. But marijuana is still illegal in this country. In Jamaica you'll find that it's jam-packed with tourism activities. It's pretty easy to find people if they're little stand trying to sell you marijuana.

8.Portland, Oregon. Oregon is the first state in the United States that legalized recreational marijuana use. It also has a social activist atmosphere that supports all of the country's marijuana movements. It also has the first marijuana cafe. If that wasn't enough things for Portland to have that support marijuana, it also has the largest chapter of Normal, which is an organization that takes actions to reform marijuana laws in the United States.

7.Christiana, Denmark. Although marijuana is illegal in Denmark, Christiana has declared itself as an autonomous region. This town is popularly known as the 'Green Light District'. It is considered a hippie town. Within Christiana there's a place that sells marijuana in many varieties. Be sure to visit this website at for more details about cannabis.

6.The Bay Area, California. In Oakland, California, there's a place called Oaksterdam. Here you can find medicinal use of marijuana everywhere. There are even marijuana-friendly coffee shops, growing equipment stores, and a weed college called Oaksterdam University. Even though recreational use of marijuana is still illegal the authorities don't typically look for the college stoners since they need to pay more attention to the drug traffickers.

5.Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver has some of the highest grade marijuana in North America. It's industry boasts more than six billion dollars annually. Even though it has the best marijuana it is only legalized it for medicinal use. But that doesn't people from using it though. If authorities catch you with under a quarter of an ounce, they are likely to let you off with the warning. But if you're caught with over 300 kilos or 200 growing plants you'll definitely get some jail time.

4.Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most cannabis-friendly countries. In fact Czech Republic has the liberal drug laws in Europe, not just for marijuana but also with LSD, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and 'Speed'. You can even legally have 15 grams or 5 plants of the same drug without getting trouble. Know Colorado Highlife Tours here! 

3.Barcelona, Spain. Spain was one of the first countries in Europe to decriminalize marijuana use. You don't need a permit to buy, sell, or use it. You can possess 40 grams for recreation but their laws don't allow public use. Barcelona even holds multiple marijuana festivals, 'Spannabis' and 'High Life Expo'.

2.Denver, Colorado. As long as a marijuana user has written documentation from a physician for use then you won't get in trouble. You can find cannabis-friendly hotels everywhere. Recently, a state attorney announced that no form of marijuana possession will be persecuted. Along with their liberal views of marijuana they have many marijuana festivals. They have a hemp festival where over 100, 000 people unite.

1.Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is made it to the first slot with a thriving and vibrant marijuana culture. Although it is technically illegal, marijuana has been able to be bought and sold because of the misunderstood difference between hard and soft drugs. Find cannabis friendly hotels here!